About Physiotherapy

What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a degree-based health care profession that involves the assessment and treatment of problems and injuries that affect muscles, soft tissue, joints and nerves. Veterinary Physiotherapy involves movement analysis with the knowledge of the neuro-musculoskeletal system (nerves, skeleton and muscles), in order to identify and develop an appropriate programme to treat the problems presented. Physiotherapy uses a physical approach to promote, restore and maintain movement and function. 

Who Can Benefit From Physiotherapy?
In the same way that Physiotherapy has proved successful for humans, Veterinary Physiotherapy has now become a more legislative and widely accepted form of treatment for animals. Physiotherapy can benefit patients of all ages and breeds; from an elderly arthritic dog who is struggling to perform daily activities to an Olympic Show Jumper aiming for Gold!

Some of the benefits of Physiotherapy include:
  • Restore, maintain or improve joint Range of Movement 
  • Alleviate / reduce pain caused by surgery or medical problems
  • Improve gait biomechanics
  • Improve, maintain or restore muscle strength and mobility
  • Increase flexibility
  • Aid recovery from neurological problems
  • Improve proprioception and sensory awareness 
Please visit our Canine and Equine page for more detailed information on the treatments offered for dogs and horses.

If you are not sure whether physiotherapy is appropriate for your animals condition, please contact us for free non-obligatory advice.
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